The neighborhood of Woodlawn in south Chicago has experienced a population decline over the past few years. With fear of gentrification, the community has come together in hopes of defining the area so that they may have a say in how their home changes. This led to the development of different quads in the neighborhood. This projects focuses on how their desire for an Art Quad can be developed to create a place that is uniquely Woodlawn.
By using Woodlawn's vibrant past as a center for new entertainment and music, the art quad looks back in order to look forward by creating experimental performance spaces based on light, sound, and place.
These spaces were designed with sound and light. As the neighborhood has a large number of condemned brick houses, brick and piping were considered for re-use in creating these new spaces. The project leverages vacant spaces and new zoning opportunities in Woodlawn to create unique site-specific areas focused on the three main components required in experimental performance spaces: lighting, acoustics, and setting. The towers incorporated in the design strategy will also serve as passive energy generators for the performance spaces while signifying to the rest of Chicago the significance of the performance arts coming out of Woodlawn. The overall impact of the design will be to regenerate Woodlawn's past climate to encourage and inspire emerging artists.

The Woodlawn neighborhood has an abundance of Vacant Lots and Vacant Buildings that provide spaces of opportunity for the community. The below diagrams show Vacant Lots (left) and Vacant Buildings (right) in each community determined quad space. Yellow (Art Quad), Green (Agriculture Quad), Blue (Technology Quad), Pink (Retail Quad).
Vacant Lots in each quad
Vacant Lots in each quad
The addition of Vacant Buildings
The addition of Vacant Buildings

The above diagram shows areas of historic significance to the performance arts. Significant locations include the site of the World's Colombian Exposition (1893), sites of 3 different amusement parks (Paul Boyton's Water Chute Park, San Souci, and White City), childhood home of Lorraine Hansberry (A Raisin in the Sun), jazz music venues (1950's and 60's- this is where many jazz artists got their start), and the location for the House Music Festival (1990-today).

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